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Welcome to ESBing

ESBIng is a company specialized in the structural calculation and different areas of engineering related to construction. We have more than 14 years of experience and more than 400,000 square meters calculated to date in projects of various types and size.

Our company was started by the civil engineer Enrique Sepulveda Bornand, who since beginning based his premise on contributing to regional and national development through his professionalism and commitment.

ESBIng considers broad horizons to give optimal quality solutions, for this reason we are constantly growing to cover projects in various regions of south-central Chile with the best solutions in structural and engineering calculations.



To be a reliable company both for professionalism, responsibility and values in each project with good advice and solutions optimized according to the needs of each company.



To be themain reference in engineering services for construction in Latin America and to be recognized for its contribution to the development of productive enterprises.


Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Communication
  • Responsibility
  • Deadlines



  • Speed: we assure speed and deadline compliance in all projects of structural calculation and classification of soils in 1D and 2D with technology of seismographs leader in the world.
  • Security: each of our engineering reports is protected by intellectual property, and the software we use has original and updated licenses to deliver the best results.
  • Confidentiality: project information is completely confidential between ESBIng and the client.
  • Guarantee: we advise our clients during the whole project, that is to say; design of the project, execution, including concerns after the accomplishment with the aim to deliver the best solutions in terms of plans interpretation, calculation memories, technical specifications, analysis of soil classification VS30, floors´ mechanics and probes for the construction.


Our Services

We developed Engineering projects in Structural Calculation and Engineering Resistant Earthquake of diverse sizes with clients of different areas, over the years another constant need was covered, requested by our constituents, expanding the range of engineering services in other areas.

Structural Calculation:

We design and analyze infrastructure works towards safe, economical and useful, based on structural engineering studies. In order to achieve this, structural models and software are included to allow knowledge on resistance and suitable stability for each structure. Type and quality of materials in order to deliver the best solution to each client are considered.

Seismic Resistant Engineering

It studies the level of structures´ vulnerability regarding seismic phenomena to achieve optimum resistance and minimize structural damage. , Cyclical nature of these events to determine the behavior over time is also considered.

Geophysical Methods (ReMi, MASW and Refraction):

We performed geophysical studies and the analysis of the data obtained with the methods ReMi, MASW and Refraction, wich are a non-invasive method to perform seismic measurements in the field that deliver a high degree of precision in their results.

Technical inspection of works (I.T.O.)

In order to avoid construction errors, we control the faithful execution of works in their different stages, in order to minimize costs, deadlines and also to deliver quick solutions to possible incidences in construction.

Soil Mechanics

The goal of soil studies mechanics is providing the necessary information to analyze and design the foundations of the structures, and to verify probable land settlements based on soil pits tests and exploration drilling.


It consists of determining the relative positions of the points on and under the ground, to represent the surface characteristics, and then to execute different types of projects, such as roads, civil, mining, urban and building.

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Our Projects

Our Team

Our team is made up of passionate professionals who seek excellence in every project.

Enrique Sepúlveda B.
Gerente de Proyectos
Marta Gaete O.
Directora de Gestión
Juver Mardones O.
Ingeniero de Proyectos
Alejandro Pantoja A.
Ingeniero de Proyectos
Mario Mardones O.
Manuel Manzo H.
Luís Alejandro Quezada

ESBing is characterized by its good results, professional and high quality for each project we trust. It is a serious company run by a great professional in front of an excellent team.

Hernán Ugarte Prieto
Architect Partner / RH+ AARQUITECTOS SPA

The results with ESBing have been always positive, as they give a personalized attention and answers considering deadlines. In addition, they always look for efficiency in each project through simple and economical designs.

Fredy Alvial

Every time we have worked with ESBing, have obtained good results since they are always able to look for the best alternatives to optimize and reduce the costs of the work.Besides, we always get quick answers to queries and modifications.

Max Eckardt Labbé
Plant Manager / ECOFOOD S.A.

Our experience with ESBing was totally satisfactory, since they fulfilled all the assumed expectations, in terms of deadlines, solution to the requested and efficiency in the incorporated calculations. In addition, qualified people available at all times to clarify doubts both in the project and in the field visits, as well. The company is able to cover all the requirements from the customer.

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